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Garment Care

Taking care of our clothes is not only a way to make them last longer and take care of our finances, it is also a way to take care of our style and keep our clothes longer. I will mention some tips for you to keep in mind.

  1. Keep your closet tidy, and be especially careful with humidity.
  2. Read care labels before washing or ironing.
  3. Not all clothes can be put in the washing machine. If you do, it is important to do it on a gentle cycle, and avoid draining it. Always wash clothes by color, and with mild soap. Use a mesh bag or cover for delicate items.
  4. Completely avoid drying clothes in the sun.
  5. Do not wash for washing, excessive washing tends to damage your clothes faster.
  6. Never hang fabrics or knitwear, to prevent them from stretching or deforming.
  7. Jeans, dyed clothes and black clothes, always put a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda on them to preserve their color.
  8. Wash your underwear and delicates by hand. Do not wring, do not dry in the sun, and always use soap for delicate clothes.
  9. Hang your shirts with the first button closed, to prevent the neck from being deformed.
  10. Never use clear on your white garments.
  11. Apply stain remover or Barsol in necessary areas, (under the armpits for example).

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