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Care and warranty



Since footwear is made of a natural composition (leather), it may present marks typical of the skin such as stretch marks, scars, veins, tone degradation and other characteristics that are due to its natural origin and authenticity. Likewise, there may be variations in textures, types of leather, silhouettes, lasts or other aspects that cannot be evidenced in the images or in the product descriptions published on


  • Do not store shoes in damp places in order to avoid mold and stains.
  • Keep them away from rough surfaces that could scratch them.
  • Use special leather care products, do not clean them with water.
  • Keep the leather hydrated (Essential cream or conditioner), leather t must be hydrated to prevent it from drying out or cracking.
  • Clean them frequently and avoid the accumulation of dust or dirt, since their color can be altered.
  • Dry immediately with a slightly damp cloth if they get wet due to rain or other causes (do not use a hair dryer)
  • Use waterproofing products regularly.
  • Do not use products with solvents and/or abrasives.
  • Do not wash.
  • Do not use dryer.
  • Do not expose to sunlight or near sources of heat.


The beauty of our garments is in the delicacy of the fabric, be careful when dressing, remove jewelry or objects that may become entangled.

  • Keep the closet clean and tidy, and be especially careful with humidity.
  • Read care labels before washing or ironing.
  • Excessive washing tends to damage your clothes faster.
  • Not all clothes can be put in the washing machine. If you do, it is important to do it on a gentle cycle, and avoid draining it. Always wash garments by color, and with mild soap. Use a bag for delicate garments.
  • Wash your underwear and delicate clothes by hand. Do not drain, do not dry in the sun, and always use soap for delicate clothes.
  • Never use limpid on your white garments.
  • Jeans, dyed clothes or black garments can fade, they should be washed with cold water and a little bicarbonate of soda or salt. Never scrub if it gets dirty, put Varsol in a spray bottle and apply to the affected area, when it dries you should wash the entire garment. (never scrub the area).
  • Apply stain remover or Varsol in necessary areas (for example, under the armpits).
  • Completely avoid drying clothes in the sun.
  • Do not hang the fabrics, ponchos and other knitted garments, so that they do not become deformed.
  • Hang the shirts with the first button closed, to avoid damaging the collar.
  • Details such as tassels, appliqués or leather buttons should be covered in aluminum foil for washing.


In accordance with article 27 of Law 1480 of 2011, the presentation of the invoice will not be a condition to make the guarantee effective; however, in accordance with article 2 of Decree 735 of 2013, it will be mandatory for the consumer to report the date of purchase.

Warranty Term
The term of the guarantee will be: three (3) months for footwear and one (1) month for clothing, counted from the delivery of the product and will cover defects regarding the quality, suitability, and good condition of the products.

Corresponds to the guarantee as a general rule, the totally free repair of product defects, as well as its transport if necessary.
The consumer can directly request the exchange of the good or the return of the money, when the good cannot be repaired. In the event that it is repairable, only in the event of the failure repeating itself, taking into account the nature of the good and the characteristics of the defect, you may request a new repair, the exchange of the good for another of the same kind with similar characteristics, which in In no case may they be less than those of the product that gave rise to the guarantee or the refund of money.

The term of the guarantee will be suspended while the consumer is deprived of the use of the product on the occasion of the effectiveness of the guarantee.

If the total change of the product for another occurs, the guarantee term will begin to run again in its entirety from the moment of replacement.


Valentina Jaramillo Inmaculada S.A.S, will be exonerated from the responsibility derived from the guarantee when it is shown that the defect comes from:

  • Force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances
  • Damages or stains caused by misuse and/or inadequate maintenance of the product (blows, frequent friction, tears, burns, holes, use and/or contact, in washing or other event, accidentally or intentionally, with chemicals not recommended.
  • The presence of veins, wrinkles and natural marks of the leather.
  • Normal wear and tear on uppers, soles and color.
  • Wrinkles caused by bending of the instep.
  • Maintenance and/or manipulation by people other than Valentina Jaramillo Inmaculada S.A.S
  • Submit the product to the lasting process due to dissatisfaction with size or design.
  • That the consumer does not comply with the use and maintenance instructions manual indicated in the product manual.


The consumer has the following service channels available to report any damage:

  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +57 3218011225
  • To make the product defect warranty effective, the item must be made available to Valentina Jaramillo Inmaculada S.A.S, in the same place where it was delivered upon purchase, indicating the date of purchase and product defects. . The shipping costs of the defective product will be assumed by Inmaculada.
  • The repaired or replacement product must be delivered to the consumer in the same place where the legal guarantee was requested, unless the consumer requests another place and the producer or retailer accepts it. If transportation is required for the good, the costs must be borne by the producer or vendor, as the case may be.
  • Valentina Jaramillo Inmaculada S.A.S must respond within fifteen (15) business days following receipt of the guarantee request.

Inmaculada will inform if it accepts to make the guarantee effective, and will explain the reasons for rejecting it or accepting it in a different way than requested.

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